President’s Message – Summer 2016

10 Jul President’s Message – Summer 2016

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Hope everyone enjoyed Canada day, our official start to the summer. As you all know, summer is a time to sit on our dock or boat and reflect on the year that is behind us, and the year that is to come. I’m writing this with our CPIO/CASIU golf tournament on my mind.  It was a fantastic June day, and I would like to thank all the organizers from not only the CPIO side but also CASIU.   We had yet another fantastic turnout! Please check out some of the pictures on our home page of our webite.

Our Board is also continuing to strengthen our relationship with both the ACFE and CASIU.  We have seen an increase in our members attending events.  Our F.I.T. Conference on April 6th is a testament to that.  We had over 220 participants from all across Canada.  Clearly, we look forward to an even better event next year. So mark your calendars for F.I.T.2,  on Wednesday April 5, 2017.  We will be holding it at The BMO Institute for Learning,  a wonderful facility that I am sure you will enjoy.   Our organizations have many similarities and many many ideas to share.  It is our intention  to continue to create events that will help our members learn the latest investigative techniques.  With a larger group it is an opportunity to meet and network with new colleagues and vendors,  within the same industry.  Your next opportunity will be at our one-day Seminar and AGM on November 15, 2016, held at the BMO Institute for Learning.  Details will follow.

We are always interested in what our members would like to learn so please send us an email to telling us what you would like to see at future events.  If you have a speaker that you would like to recommend,  we would love hear about them, and I assure you, they will be considered if they fit into the theme of the event.

Our new website launched in 2015 is still being worked on behind the scenes as we continue to upgrade, enhance functionality, and install new features that will help our members.  We want the to be on  top of everybody’s mind, and especially  whenever anyone is looking for our services.

The Board will also be doing some more foundational work. A bylaw review is currently being developed and will be completed this year, with board ratification in the fall. We will bring the bylaw revisions for approval at the November AGM and also post them on our website.  These changes are mostly housekeeping, but include some much needed modern improvements.  Please stay tuned.  Also, the Board has been sourcing out benefits for our members.  We are excited to be currently working on a proposal that will be shared with you all shortly.

CPIO’S biggest goal is to increase its membership, as we can only become stronger and achieve more with greater numbers. The Board is looking at ways to spread the word about CPIO to various institutions/ organizations that hire PI professionals.  It is also important for our members to spread the word about CPIO to help increase its membership.  Below are some of the values of being a CPIO member.

The Board is committed to its work and we stand ready to hear your ideas and feedback, so as you sit on your dock, boat, or patio and you think of ideas this summer, please share them with us. You will find our names and individual contact info listed on our website or send an email to us at

Have a wonderful and safe summer and look forward to seeing everyone in November at our AGM.

Yours truly,

Brian Sartorelli, President
Council of Private Investigators – Ontario

Consumer and Professional Referrals – “Find an Investigator”
CPIO’s “Find an Agency” is a public access page on our website that enables the public to search for licenced agencies online.  This is a free service to our licensed agencies and a valuable marketing tool.

Discounted Agency Insurance
The CPIO has developed working relationships with many industry leading insurance providers who offer discounts to policies, such as Commercial General Liability Insurance, to our members.

Networking and Business Opportunities
CPIO has an email listserv for members only. This is a free service to our members that enables you to communicate quickly and easily with your fellow CPIO members – saving you valuable time, energy and resources.

Education and Training
The CPIO offers a minimum of two professional development seminars each year to its members The CPIO Annual General Meeting & Conference is the best opportunity for members to stay current on the latest legal issues, practices and technologies. Our professional development days include industry leading speakers and industry related vendors who offer services that can benefit your business.

Membership Directory
Real-time Membership Directory is a proven source for referral business. The Membership Directory can also be accessed by our members online.

Association and Membership Promotion
The CPIO promotes our members through our participation in industry-related conferences, such as the CASIU professional development days and conferences.

Legislative Advocacy & Governmental Public Relations
The CPIO continues to maintain open channels to various public offices in order to protect the investigative profession.  We dedicate resources and energy to make certain that we stay on top of proposed legislation and implemented legislation that relates to our industry.

Labour Relations
The CPIO ensures that the latest Ministry of Labour Employment Standards as they relate to our industry including WHIMIS, Sexual Harassment and Health and Safety are understood and adhered to.