Season’s Greetings

02 Jan Season’s Greetings

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Dear Members and Colleagues,


On behalf of the CPIO Board, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a joyous season and a Happy New Year.
It’s that time of year again and we appreciate your continued support by renewing your membership. A new certificate will be sent to you shortly after you renew or for those just joining. We ask that you take a few minutes, review and update your profile. It is so important not to be stagnant.  Now that the CPIO website has been up and running for some time, we have some exciting data analytics to share with you.  Our site gets around 1,000 hits per month so don’t miss the opportunity to share your information with those who are searching for your expertise and contact information.  If you need help with your profile, email Penny Hill at and she will be happy to help.

LinkedIn – we now have established a LinkedIn group for members only. We hope this will help our members stay connected.  This forum is for you to post any questions or comments you may have.

AGM 2016

Our November CyberXChange and AGM was a huge success. We would like to acknowledge and thank the ACFE for once again partnering with us. Our biggest AGM to date, and the feedback was amazing.  Over the last few years and especially during the last year, your board has accomplished so much, and this was reflected in Novembers AGM. Here a few highlights:

1.            Name change.  In order to stay with the times and project a professional image, it was suggested by the Board and agreed by the membership to change the name of our organization to The Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario.  Although, just a slight change, we hope to spread the word that we take our occupation seriously and that our membership is professional and beyond reproach.

2.            During our last AGM, we amended our bylaws.  A full and detailed explanation will be on our website and sent to all our members the first of the year.

3.            Retirement:  As many of you know Stephen McCormick has retired. In appreciation of his work on the Board for so many years, the Council awarded Stephen with a thank you memento which was accepted by his colleague John March. Stephen unselfishly contributed to the Board and to the Private Investigation field.  We are all in debt to him for his unwavering commitment and we wish him all the best in his retirement

 One                    Two


In Stephen’s place please welcome our new board member John March, Senior Investigator from MKD who will take on the position of Director, Advisor.

John March is a former Detective of the Toronto Police Service with 31 years of experience, primarily in the investigative field. Just prior to retiring he was seconded to the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario (CISO) where he was the Provincial Coordinator for the Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime (CIROC) program, a national organized crime policing initiative.

Mr. March has over a decade of experience in drug investigations including Detective in charge, undercover officer, surveillance, case manager, warrant preparation and execution. As part of search warrant executions, he has been directly involved in dismantling over 200 marihuana grow operations. While a member of the Drug Squad he was also declared an expert in Heroin Drug Investigations.

John also has extensive experience in confidential human source and agent investigations, being declared an expert in court and providing training at the Ontario Police College, the Toronto Police College and lecturing at various seminars, including the Ontario Gang Investigators Association.

MTO SURVEY  by Wayne Sullivan, Director, Western Affairs

C.P.I.O. recently conducted a survey of investigation agencies across Canada. The objective was to ascertain what provinces still permitted Investigation companies to conduct various types of drivers record searches.  We learned through the process there were only two provinces that still allow such searches, Ontario and Newfoundland.  Some provinces did, at one time, have authority to do these types of searches and had it revoked, while others never had the authority to begin with.  Having the authority to conduct MTO searches is a privilege.  I don’t have explain the value it has to us as investigators and agency owners. It is important that we all continue to do our due diligence to protect this information when we request and receive it.  I am not here to advise anyone how to run their business, however, restricting the number of people within each organization that have access to conduct these searches, I believe, is good business practise. When you limit the number of individuals that have access to do such searches, it in turn allows better control over who has done the searches, and why, as well makes documenting the information for MTO records a much simpler process.

Through this survey, we also learned, that apart from British Columbia, none of the other provinces felt they had a very strong voice to advocate on their behalf to either maintain, or obtain authorization to conduct drivers’ record searches.

As a stakeholder, C.P.I.O. continues to keep the channels open with MTO, and this in turn should allow us to have discussions’ on any changes or modifications that are being considered by MTO. Having input and access to the people making the decisions is critical. Remember, having this access is a privilege, not a right. Working together with MTO, and not breaching their trust can be the difference between keeping, or losing our authority.


New Job Posting for Experienced Operations Manager.  Please log in to the website to see this new job posting as well as others.

On behalf of the Directors, we thank you all for an amazing year and wish you and your families all the best in the 2017 year.

Kind regards,


Brian Sartorelli,
President, CPIO