My term as President of CPIO will be ending in November, and I hope that during my years, I have been able to make a positive impact on both the current and future of CPIO.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead – this is definitely one experience I will never forget!

During my role as President, it has been an exciting time building new and existing partnerships and expanding our organization’s infrastructure.  We have been able to offer our members ongoing professional development days, where we not only learn from speakers, but also create new and see old business associates.  We just had our September 11 & 12 workshop – Lie Detection:  Words Never Lie but People Do – Detecting Deception in Every day Communication, where we partnered with IAFCI and ACFE to deliver a spectacular 2-day, sold out event.  Our April 5th F.I.T.-2 Conference was a huge success – our best yet.  And we hope to top it at our F.I.T.-3 Conference on April 10, 2018.

A special thanks to  ACFE Toronto Chapter and CASIU for their partnership and backing throughout my presidency.   Through our joint efforts, our events have enabled us to bring our members,  great speakers, education, and network opportunities.

The AGM on November 22, 2017, will be a day for Agencies and Individual Investigators to learn about improving their business practices.   What regulations, new and old, should agencies and individuals be aware of. We anticipate this day will include members from the Ministry of labour, Ross Dunsmore from Dunsmore Law, discussing employee contracts, sub contract agreements, policy manuals etc.  In the next few months you will be receiving correspondence from the nomination committee regarding the elections to serve on the Board which will take place at the AGM in November.

We have installed a new website which enabled us to be more interactive with each other as well as with our clients.  During my last few months, we will be making some additional changes to the website to better serve you.
As voted on in at the last AGM, we are in the process of changing the Council name to Council of Professional Investigators Ontario, in order to better reflect the nature of our Association.

A few of our goals was to try and help our agency businesses, by 1)offering a great benefits package from People’s Corp to our agency members 2) Keeping a step ahead on any issues that may be arising within the government that might affect our businesses 3) Helping our agencies and individuals find each other  through job ads and employment resumes. 4) rotating our CPIO meetings to other cities such as London, Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Ottawa.  Each venue was a major success.

I certainly could not have done this without my team of committed individuals, who gave up their valuable time to run the Council to its highest level.   Through their many hours of volunteer service we have been able to reach many goals and set some pretty high standards.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Executive Vice President, Lloyd Vaughan, and Director, Chris Nielsen, who are also not running for re-election, for all their support and advice, and all of the Board of Directors for their dedication in serving with me.  For any organization to succeed we always look at our directors and their participation – we are so blessed to have such a great team.  Also, a special thank you to Mr. Ross Dunsmore of Dunsmore Law for his continuous time and expertise ensuring that CPIO maintains its ethicacy at all levels of the association.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention, Penny Hill, our Administrator.  Penny is the glue that has kept us on the straight and narrow.  I can confidently say, that without Penny, our seminars and meetings would not be the total success that they have been.  Thank you Penny.

Most importantly, my thanks goes out to you, the Members, for all your support, for without you, the Council would not exist.  The backing and partnership of our community has allowed CPIO to have a significant impact and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

In closing, I do have one request – that you continue to support CPIO and help the Board continue reaching new goals so that our industry continues to prosper and grow.

With Respect, Brian Sartorelli, President, CPIO