I am writing to you today as the newly-elected President of the Council of Private Investigators – Ontario. I am delighted to represent our licensed professional private investigator membership. Firstly, I would like to convey my very best wishes and thanks to our outgoing President Debbra MacDonald and acknowledge her commitment to CPIO over the last 4 years. We look forward to her continued support as we plan for the future.

You are likely visiting the CPIO website for one of three reasons:

1. You are a member

2. You are interested in becoming a member

3. You are in need of investigative services from one of our professional members

For those who may be in need of investigative services, our rigorous membership criteria have built a firm foundation for excellence in investigative services. Professionalism is at the core. The best interest of the client is foremost, as our members provide their services with integrity, objectivity and confidentiality.

CPIO members maintain a fully professional and legally compliant approach in all dealings with clients and have also attained ‘investigative body’ status through CPIO, as required by PIPEDA. If you are dealing with a Private Investigations company that does not have investigative body status, you may be compromising the results of an Investigation. We are truly fortunate to represent the very best private investigators and investigative firms in Ontario.

There are many benefits of being a member of CPIO. One of them is education, and we are pleased to advise that we are in the process of enhancing this area. Access to the most current cutting-edge investigative approaches is a key benefit to our membership. To serve our members’ professional development we are developing online Webinars (online seminars), as well as speaker events.

Together, we will be hosting meetings in the west – Windsor/London area, the east – Ottawa/Kingston area, as well as in central Ontario. These meetings are intended to listen to your needs and thoughts. Reaching out to you, our members, is critical and essential to evolving and enhancing the Council.

Clearly, your Association Directors and I, will be monitoring any proposed Legislative changes such as the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch, MTO, and the Privacy Commissioners office, among others.

I would also direct your attention to our new CPIO Board of Directors and their portfolios. I am excited to be working with such a dedicated group of professionals and look forward to reporting our teams’ accomplishments over the next two years.

The CPIO board has committed to developing our website to be more responsive to your needs and welcome any thoughts or feedback on this or any other area you might choose. Get to know your new board members, communicate any news, articles or ideas that may be of interest to our members.

Thank you for the continued support of CPIO. I am honoured to be working with you all in growing our organization.

Brian M. Sartorelli
President CPIO